i fucking hate everything


can’t do this any longer

i tried and it was never good enough


Is it a bus for school? Like high school, because if it is, have your parents write you a note that says that you have their permission to ride that bus and have them sign it. Or if your parents won't write you one, write one yourself and just sign it with your parent's name. The bus driver, nor anyone else, will know that it's not their real signature. If it's a city bus, then they can't reject you.

it’s different in england

they decide who gets on or not

it’s a school bus but it runs on city council permissions

You did nothing wrong so he will let you take that bus and if that a big if too does let you one hes shit and and a buttwipe not even worthy of your appearance on that bus

he wpon#t  le t ,me  on  i’m ssc a red

He will, he has too, why wouldnt he?

because i’m not tevchnicall  y supposed to catch that bus but it’s my only way home

Ok i know it seems like hell i really do but the thing is the before hand anxiety is so bad you think of all these thing he could say but when you actually do it and get it over with its not that bad, you just have to take that step forward and it will be so worth it in the end

what if he doesn’t let me on the bus


i’m scared

I know you can do it though, you know what i did to help my anxiety(i hope i dont seem like a butthole sorry if i do) i just stopped caring and did what i needed to do even though i was scared i know it seem like a huge step but i know you can do it, break your anxiety you become the alpha not your anxiety.

i can’t i can’t i can’t i’m too frightened i can’t do it anymore

i’m so scared and upset i i

i just want to be okay

i just want to live

i can’t

i;m too scared

You can do this, no matter how bad things are. You can do this, have hope.

i can’t i’m so scared i wish someone would help me i’m so frightened i’m so scared i keep crying i’m so worried and scared and anxious i don’t want to be here i’m so scared

So do you have anything to distract yourself while talking to him? if not you can just like doodle on something?

i can’t i’ll be paralysed i won’t be able to move

i’ll be hyperventilating at that stagfe

i’m so scared

Hey, it'll be alright eventually, I know right now the world seems like a massive shithole but it will, it does get better. You just have to hold it out for a little bit longer and it will get better. You'll be okay, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but there will be the day you'll be okay and you'll feel great for getting this far. You'll be okay.

i’m not okay i won’t be my anxiety’s getting worse

i can’t do anything anymore

Alright, so if i was in this situation i would maybe do something while talking to him maybe text a friend so your focus is more on the phone than him have your music loud and talk to him while listening do that sound reasonable?

no i don’t have a phone i’m too scared to have a phone

i’m too scared to talk to him at all

oh, well i as well suffer too mine isnt that bad thought, but anyways alright do you have any healthy ways to cope with the anxiety? if not we can like brainstorm together to help reduce the stress

no i really struggle i

its the bus driver he

he won’t let me go home tomorrow and i have no choice but to speak to him about it or wait alone in a town for an hour

both options terrify me i’m so scared

oh sweet heart, i understand, trust me, I know you can do this alright? i honestly do school sucks, and the people in it dont help at all, and remember its not what you have now its what you have in store. And it will all be ok someday maybe not today or tomorrow but one day lil one.

i don’t know what i’m going to do

i’m so scared

I know how you feel. I've been in your position, I used to always feel alone & that nobody liked me, but it gets better. It gets so much better. im in a much better place & I've met some really great people who i know love me. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. It will get better I promise you. One day you will look back on this day & you will be so glad that you survived. If you think nobody cares about you you are wrong, because I care. So at least you know somebody cares

it’s not about people caring

it’s about social anxiety

i’m so scared i’m terrified i’m so frightened to exist anymore

You ok? Your blog is awesome and so are you :)

you don’t understand

as much as i appreciate it

compliments don’t help

i’m terrified

i’m so scared about tomorrow i’m

so stressed and i really

can’t cope i need

someone to lean on but i have

nobody anymore

bbycakes whats wrong? ill listen.

i’m just so stressed and

now i have no transport home tomorrow or thursday

and i’m terrified i don’t know what to do

and i’m so scared because of school and unhappy

and i just really can’t cope anymore

i just can;t